Elite Marketing Director Bootcamp

Elite Marketing Director Bootcamp

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Guaranteed to Bring Your Marketing Team Up to Speed in One Week, or Your Money Back!

Have you ever wanted a marketing director who just "got it" - they just understood what you're trying to do with the Great Legal Marketing style of marketing. But you don't want to spend a ton of time yourself doing the initial training?

Would you like to be able to hire a new marketing team member, put a proven training system in front of them and get a profitable marketing employee by the end of it who can keep up with your new, great ideas? And would you like to be able to "rinse and repeat" this process whenever you hire someone new, so the training system keeps paying for itself over and over again?

Our Elite Marketing Director Boot Camp gives you the freedom to keep working on the important things in your office while it handles a full week's worth of training.

See, we've uncovered "the truth about training!" We know it has NOTHING to do with the normal way most attorneys train their staff. The truth is that great training comes down to what we call "Applied Principles."

Designed from the ground up to create highly effective marketing employees and used in legal offices across the country, this 5-day system builds a strong direct marketing foundation by first teaching the Principles of Marketing and then having the trainee work through practical Application exercises. There is a new binder for each day of the work week, so all you have to do is pull the next one off the shelf and hand it to the employee.

The one-two punch system of "learn what to do and now do it" lets the new marketing employee get the initial round of mistakes out of the way and gives you a way to quickly gauge their progress.

PLUS, the week culminates in a "Marketing Campaign in a Day" that gets the trainee to create a mini-marketing campaign during day five, so you end up having a productive employee who is already contributing to your marketing within JUST ONE WEEK!

No need to hire an expensive trainer or waste you own precious time whenever you hire someone! Just keep using Elite Marketing Director Boot Camp to do the work for you while you reap the rewards.