Engineering Your Super Squad

Engineering Your Super Squad

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Engineering Your Super Squad is GLM's one-of-a-kind expert hiring system. The program's new Superhero Attraction ads will bring you the best candidates, and the Super-Screening Interview process will make sure you choose the best ones!

You'll get all of this incredible information below...

  1. A Brand New Way to Hire: Uncover the secrets behind why most hiring processes are traps waiting in disguise. Once you see how you’ve been bamboozled by “The Evil Employer Suppressor,” you will see how to rebuild your hiring systems to attract top-level Superheroes who are perfect for your solo or small law firm! ($297 VALUE)
  2. Step-By-Step Guide to Hiring Superheroes: Welcome to the MEAT AND POTATOES of hiring. You will learn exactly how to better organize your current Squad, decide on what position to hire next, build the ideal employment ad, screen potential Superheroes, interview the best ones, and ultimately make the right decision about who to hire. Don’t hire a single person until you’ve been briefed on the essential details of this important mission! ($897 VALUE)
  3. All the Answers You Know You Need (and Even Some You Didn’t): No heroic hiring system would be complete without exposing hidden gems, such as when to use a temp agency, secret locations of “employee rich” resources, how to research (aka unmask) your potential Superheroes, what personality tests you should use, and a whole lot more! This is the ultimate “catch-all” on hiring to ensure you make the best choices possible. ($489 VALUE)
  4. Actual Employment Ads and the Superstar Template! This is what you really want. Get actual employment ads you can steal to use in your practice... and a fill-in-the-blank template to create your own custom ads for your practice! You’ll never need to wonder “how do I attract the right people” – just follow along with this guide with template and your potential Superheroes will quadruple in quality! ($570 VALUE)
  5. “Break Seal in Case of Emergency” Firing Guide: Firing the right way can provide you with both legal protection and personal peace of mind. See how to smooth out an otherwise rocky process so you can remove the problem person and get back to running your League of Extraordinary Employees! ($157 VALUE)
  6. Go-to Interview Questions Flip Chart: Bound together and ready to go for any interview, these questions will provide you with the firepower you need to dissect your candidates. You don’t want to enter the hiring arena without these at hand! ($129 VALUE)

All this information is designed specifically for attorneys and will help you make better hires in your law practice. You can get all this today for our special price of $1,995.00!