Great Legal Marketing Membership

Great Legal Marketing is an attorney-only organization dedicated to helping solo and small-firm lawyers grow there practices, get more clients, and still make it home in time for dinner.

Our program has three primary levels:

  • Gold Marketers for attorneys new to our style of marketing and who need help understanding and creating new marketing that can compete with big law firms in their region.
  • Diamond Practice Builders for attorneys who want to look beyond getting more clients to their own internal systems and create a law firm that is EXACTLY what they want for themselves and their employees.
  • Platinum MasterMind for those, few, excellent attorneys who want to join our close-knit group of attorney rockstars. This group is by application only, and we review each potential member closely with our members. Competing attorneys from the same geographic region are not allowed, and each member has to make a 1 year commitment.

You can join Great Legal Marketing at our Gold and Diamond levels today by purchasing one of our introductory toolkits that will help launch your practice. The purchase of any of these packages automatically includes monthly membership in our program. After the first 30 days, you will be billed for the monthly cost of membership associated with that membership level.

Practice Power Tools
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Diamond Blueprint for Practice Builders
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