Marketing & Money-Making Secrets: The Titanium Recordings

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In late 2012, I made the decision to apply for and join Dan Kennedy's highest elite mastermind group - The Titanium Group.

Some in the group paid upwards of $30,000 to have access to this group. I made the decision because I know that the #1 way to continue to improve my business and my life is to hang out with others who do things bigger, better, and faster than I do. (And Since you're wondering, YES, I do actually make all that money back and more just implementing the ideas of everyone else in the room.)

Now you can get a peek at not only what these highly successful entrepreneurs and business owners DO but, more importantly, HOW THEY THINK. (As you know, strategies are great but they only take you so far. You have to think BIGGER than your competition.)

You'll hear what they tell each other are THE most prized, most valuable, most powerful business strategies they utilize personally AND the best strategies they share with their constituencies. This incredible discussion gives you unprecedented insider's insight into their businesses. You'll hear the discussion UN-edited, as it was recorded LIVE ... unscripted, unrehearsed. You'll first meet each of these amazing entrepreneurs and hear them explain their backgrounds, businesses, and original discoveries of breakthrough marketing strategies that literally changed their own lives.

You'll also hear them describe THE best strategies they urge their own followers to embrace. You'll be "in the room", a fly on the wall, in some very rarefied air!