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Because You Have Demonstrated True Ambition...

Lawyers who join Great Legal Marketing at our Gold Level usually self-select into three very distinct groups. There are those who decide, even before they open the box, to quit before their test drive is over. This lawyer is typically poor in spirit and cash, has a crappy practice he hates, and hopes somehow to find a life-saving purple pill. He reaches for anything “free” and never even says “thanks” on the way out the door. This is, frankly, a very small group.

Our stuff can’t help them because of who they are.

The next group hangs out for about four months or so but never gets on any calls, doesn’t try to implement anything (even though our 30- 60- 90- 180-day checklists show them exactly what do to and in what order).

They have confused activity – signing up for a marketing and self-improvement program – with accomplishment.

A few months in, they feel guilty showing their wife, partner or CPA the credit card charges because they can’t answer this question: What have you changed? They freely admit to us in their “resignation letters” that our information is great, but they have neither the ambition nor the self-discipline to take action. Notably, when they fill out their “I quit” form, they usually blame someone or something else for their condition. I hear, “staff won’t let me implement” or, “the competition in my area is just too great.” Between you and me, it’s a wonder some of these folks remain lawyers.

The third type of new member implements what we teach. They send in their checklists. They work on getting online reviews, and, even if they don’t have many pieces of marketing to share, some will scribble drafts of things they are working on. Most start a monthly newsletter. Of our new Gold members, 75% attend our new member Boot Camp within the first six months of joining, and 92.5 % get their initial referral letter out (and send us a copy).

We then get notes like this:

“I used the Great Legal Marketing methods to take my solo firm from under $10,000 per month to a conglomerate earning over $1.25M per year. The GLM system worked for me and it can work for anybody. It took a lot of faith to sign up, but after listening to the Diamond and Gold calls for a few months, I started to catch on, and the more ideas I implemented, the more my practice grew. I learned everything I know about marketing my practice from Ben, Bob Battle, and their team of superstars. Call me anytime for details about how I found success in my practice using GLM.”

—Van Hardenbergh (Charles V Hardenbergh, PC, VA)

Lawyers like you genuinely want to secure the financial and emotional security of their families, first and foremost.

For lawyers like you, one of two things is likely true:

(1) You have always had a deep interest in the business side of the law. You have a collection of marketing and practice-building books in your home library; you have already heard of and perhaps studied Napoleon Hill, Michael Gerber, Seth Godin, Dan Kennedy, Jim Collins and others. You’ve read Good to Great; The ONE Thing; and The One-Minute Manager. What you found missing, however, was leadership on taking what you found with these authors and books and translating them into your law practice. (This is the type of lawyer that I was when I started my journey.)


(2) You gave us a try, even though you had never really thought seriously about marketing and practice building before. Perhaps you thought that getting more and better clients was all random, and that “do a good job and they will come” was your “plan.” Then, you made a great discovery: the strategies and mindset that we teach have lit a fire in your belly. “Wow,” you said, “there really is a different way to law firm success and the practice of law can be fun again.”

I was a little bit of both types of lawyers.

As I “grew up” in the firm I first started working for in 1983 (and later became a partner of), I was that curious lawyer. I trolled the business book aisle of the library and book stores (pre-Amazon). I picked up and read Think and Grow Rich and E-Myth. In the spirit of full confession, I didn’t fully understand either book when I first read them. The concepts were so foreign to what I had been told the practice of law was about!

The firm I worked for was traditional. We did insurance defense work! (I am grateful for the extensive jury trial work I was allowed to do as a very young lawyer.) We didn’t advertise until we ventured into the world of plaintiffs’ work and, even then, “advertising” meant calling in the Yellow Page rep to be taught a (very expensive) lesson. Once, we even put our names on pharmacy bags! Cringeworthy, for sure!

I was still that way when I bolted to start my own firm in 1995. The Northern Virginia commute was killing me; I had a growing family, and I was coaching three of my kids’ soccer teams! So, I left the big city (most of our work was in Washington, D.C.) and rented office space just 10 minutes from the brand-new house sitting on three acres of land in Fairfax County that I had purchased just six months earlier.

Old BenGlassLaw AdThe problem was, I still didn’t know anything about marketing and practice building. The first thing I did was to invite into my new office the same Yellow Page rep that had been servicing my old firm. Together we “designed” this ad.

That ad turned out to be a donation to the Yellow Pages! The good news was that when I left my old firm, I took some cases with me. Those cases provided a financial cushion for a short while, but I soon figured out that I needed to learn how to get new clients for my practice. I had kids to feed, a mortgage to pay, and I felt like I was all alone on an island - a brand-new sole practitioner.

I went searching. I just knew there had to be someone who had intelligently “translated” sound marketing and business-building information into something a solo or small firm attorney could actually use.

That search turned up empty.

Oh, there was some marketing information out there, but most of it was published by nonlawyer “gurus” who had never sat down with a law firm client in their lives. There was a huge disconnect between their world and mine. Some of what they were teaching lawyers to do clearly violated our advertising rules, while other parts were simply too over the top to even think of attaching my name to them.

Of course, there were the more traditional, “How to Build Your Law Practice” books and recordings published and sold by the ABA. Their message? “Do good work AND take people to lunch to get your name out there, THEN they will come.”

Didn’t impress me, so I kept searching. One day in late 1999, I got a letter offering to sell me Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing.

I invested the $297 (the most I had ever spent for a “book”) and changed my life. The neat thing is that as I read the materials, studied the outlines, and listened to the cassette tapes (Google “cassette tapes” if you are younger than 35!). I said to myself:

I don’t fully understand half of what is here, but I know that if I can figure out a way to make this work for my law practice, my life will change.

And study I did. Morning and night. Like the second lawyer above, I had found something that made sense and lit an entrepreneurial fire in me like nothing else ever had before. I started creating free consumer reports, lead generation ads for the reports, and three-step follow-up sequences all delivered by letter. (This was still pre-email auto-responder and the Internet as we know it.). I began tracking the calls from different ads and asking more questions of clients about what they were searching for when they looked for a lawyer. I added to the reports until the reports themselves became books.

Ben Glass's first report

I joined Dan Kennedy’s coaching group and reread Think and Grow Rich and E-Myth and a host of other books under his tutelage and this time I “got it.” My brain started to explode with the possibilities. Finally, a path to applying successful business and marketing principles to the practice of law for me, the solo and small firm attorney!

Importantly, I became part of a group of people who were small business entrepreneurs. No lawyers, mind you, but at least I was now around people who “just thought differently about the world.”

The entrepreneurial fire had now been lit and I was on a quest to build a practice that served my life – a top-rated practice1 that today provides a secure and ever-growing income and allows me to:

  • Work “hands on”only on the most important cases in the office;
  • Do Crossfit’s high intensity workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 in the morning before coming into the office around 10:00.
  • Spend two complete days each week away from my main office to work “on” my businesses
  • Spend very little time either meeting with or even talking to clients except for high-level strategy and settlement negotiation meetings
  • Not have to deal with email on my phone because I never get email on my phone anymore
  • Referee high-level high school and youth soccer games (which, in season, often means leaving the office at 3:30 in the afternoon)
  • Take great vacations with my family (9 kids, 2 grandkids), (never taking any work with me), and follow each of them around to their sporting competitions
  • Run and grow Great Legal Marketing (thus, providing an entirely separate stream of income)
  • Serve on the Board of Directors of Love Without Boundaries (serving orphaned and impoverished children in places like Cambodia, Uganda and China) and serve as their general counsel
  • Work with leadership at my church (Abiding Presence, Burke, VA) in the marketing of the church and mentor young parents on “staying in love and working as a team” as they deal with the challenges of raising families in a “new world”
  • Provide financial and emotional security for my huge family (nine kids, two dogs and a marriage to Sandi that began in Freehold, New Jersey, on a very hot June 28, 1981)
  • Still get fantastic case settlements and more online consumer reviews and attorney endorsements than 98% of the lawyers in America

Around here, we call this Living Life Big

The question now is: can you speak so unabashedly enthusiastically about your life?

It’s Decision Time

If you are ready, moving from our Gold Marketing Program to our Diamond Practice Building Program means that you are managing for growth. For some, this means more clients, more money and more staff. You have to be prepared to lead!

For others, this means being able to be highly selective in the cases you handle or increasing your fees (if you do hourly or flat fee work) to levels you never thought the market would bear. I reject over 97% of all new leads that my marketing generates, preferring to only work only on cases that interest me. These tend to be either very large personal injury cases or ERISA disability work (a market that we absolutely dominate here in Virginia). That does not mean, however, that we are not making money off the rejected cases. We are. In many different ways!

Diamond Blueprint for Practice Builders

When you say “yes” to my offer, we’ll immediately ship out our Diamond Practice Building Model -Diamond Blueprint – this program is exclusively for new Diamond Practice Builders and reveals the systems used by BenGlassLaw and hundreds of other highly successful small law firms to rapidly scale their practices, including hiring new employees, building an operations manual, creating a PR strategy, and much more!

Then, on a continuing basis, a new world of practice-building material is opened for you.

The basics of your upgrade: “What do I get when I move up?”

Gold Marketing Members (that’s you right now!) Currently Receive...

  • Access to Chief Marketing Officer Charley Mann for marketing feedback and reviews
  • Your monthly Great Legal Marketing Journal, the leading publication for helping solo and small law firms grow their practices through world-class marketing, management, and mindset
  • Your Gold Call, hosted every month by Charley Mann, during which you discover a new piece of marketing you can implement in your law firm
  • Access to the Fast Action Boot Camp, a members-only event designed to help any law firm rapidly discover and deploy the most effective marketing developed by Ben Glass and GLM (plus, in-person access to the GLM team)
  • Access to your Private Membership Site where you can find past Journals and Gold Calls, along with templates and guides to help implement GLM-style marketing

Diamond Practice-Building Members (will that be you later today?) Receive...

  • Everything above, PLUS...
  • Access to Ben Glass for marketing, management, and mindset feedback and reviews – a direct fax line to your most trusted resource on all things solo and small firm practice building
  • Monthly Diamond Call, featuring Ben interviewing an industry expert to help uncover the best strategies and ideas to conquering your market – past guests include:
    • Matt Linklater – “Tax Reduction Strategies for Solo and Small Firm Lawyers”
    • Robert Skrob – “How to Keep Your Fans (even the ones who didn’t hire you) Fascinated by You and Your Practice”
    • Terry Schaffer – “Training Your Gazelles to YOUR Culture and KEEPING that culture intact as you grow.”
    • Rabi Daniel Lapin, Author of Thou Shall Prosper, 10 Commandments for Making Money
    • Mark Briton – CEO,, How to Market to Today’s Legal Consumer (and why you should not be afraid of Avvo.)
  • Ben’s Weekly Marketing Tip – an every-week, unvarnished look at the legal profession and the opportunities you have to grow as an attorney, a business owner, and a person
  • Diamond Insider Report, featuring Ben and a group of hand-selected contributors who share the intimate secrets to running a highly profitable and productive small law firm (warning: this an often-intense look at the truth of what it takes to be seriously successful in a competitive profession)
  • Internet Marketing Report, a special report that takes a close look at one of the toughest marketing arenas for attorneys – you’ll get early access to strategies we are actively testing at BenGlassLaw and a true “over-the-shoulder” view of what makes our internet presence so powerful (a major shortcut to online success)
  • Mindset Program, our way to not only help you stay mentally focused, but to expand your horizons as to what is possible so you can live your best life and accomplish more than you ever imagined and create a list like I did two pages back.

Congratulations and Welcome to the Big Leagues!

Become a Diamond Member

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P.S. Return the enclosed “I’m Saying ‘Yes’ to Diamond Practice Building” form within the next 10 days and we’ll immediately ship out our Diamond Practice Building Manual and CD set. You can test drive our Diamond Practice Builder level for one month while continuing to pay only your Gold membership fees. If you decide you are not ready for the Diamond level, simply tell us that you want to continue at Gold and return the manual and CDs. You will simply remain in our Gold level, no feelings hurt.

P.P.S. Not everyone likes what we do at GLM. A former president of the Virginia State Bar once called me less than 24 hours before I was scheduled to speak to a group of young lawyers. He began by telling me that he was reading from one of my old ads (stalker?) where I made statements like: young lawyers shouldn’t think that volunteering for bar activities is a way to build their practices, or doing what everyone else in the profession is doing is a sure path to mediocrity. He then ordered me to not discuss, with his young lawyers at his event, any of the GLM mindset principles that were at odds with his organization. That led to an extended discussion of the principle of immunity to criticism, which you may need to become a master of as you learn to further differentiate not only how you market your practice, but how you live your life.