7 Proven Ways to Attract More Clients and Make More Money as a Solo and Small Firm Attorney

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    • Conquer the "Wild, Wild West of the Web" by practicing "Search Engine Simplification"... Cut out the BS strategies and just work on the areas of your website that really influence your ranking on Google
        • How to Follow Up with leads so that you never miss a chance to turn a potential client into an actual, signed client
            • Making smart choices with your prints ads (and how to Develop a Brand with the help of direct response marketing that is actually sustainable and sticks in the minds of prospects)
                • How to use Direct Mail in your practice RIGHT NOW to have a real impact -- learn the ONE LETTER you should mail today in order to start getting more cases
                    • Generate more referrals by making specific, easy changes to the way you conduct your marketing (just piggyback on what you're already doing to start getting cases referred to your practice)
                      • SUPER SPECIAL BONUS: Listen to the Master of Direct Mail, Bob Battle, share the model he follows to creating killer direct mail pieces that allow him to charge 4X more than competitors (and even higher in some cases)! The information on this SUPER SPECIAL BONUS is worth the price of admission on its own...

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