Becoming the Attorney Entreprenuer

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In my role as leader of Great Legal Marketing, I get to interview a lot of really neat people.

I’d like to send you CD recordings of three people who are rocking it. I’ll also give you instant access to the recordings if you would like to download the interviews and start listening today.

Here they are:

  • CEO Mark Britton: Mark is a brilliant and controversial entrepreneur. A lot of lawyers HATE Avvo. He and I talked about the changing face of the purchase of legal services, how lawyers ought to respond to the change and what you can do to maximize your Avvo profile. If you have doubted the power of Avvo, you’ll want to listen to this interview. (We are huge fans and have figured out how to get LOTS of good cases from Avvo.
  • Big-time marketing spending almost no money in a very competitive Philadelphia market. I interviewed a solo practitioner in Philadelphia. This attorney is the ultimate guru in “knowing your numbers, running a lean practice, and maximizing income while keeping sane in a very competitive market place.” Everyone thinks their city or town is toughest. Philadelphia is TOUGH. He thrives and takes more time off than anyone I know.
  • “I left my former firm when they just didn’t get it.” I interviewed a young attorney who grew frustrated with the slow pace of change at his old firm. He started listening to me. While he saw the changes that needed to be made, the other attorneys at his firm did not. He walked away and started his own firm and now he’s become highly successful using the simple tools and strategies that we provide.

We will send you the 3 CDs and give you instant access to the audio files for $29.99 plus a small handling charge. One idea from any of these CDs can be worth thousands to you!