Built to Thrive

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In Built to Thrive you will learn...
-- How to build a Tribe of clients, employees, and members of your community who view you as a Leader - They are aligned with your values and eagerly refer new clients and cases you want most

-- The TITANIC POWER of a one-word question used by top-performing members of Great Legal Marketing to increase employee retention, naturally attract hundreds of new clients, and build long-term legacy for you and your law firm

-- 7 questions I ask myself before expanding practice areas in my law firm (these seven concepts have not only made me millions of dollars in revenue but protected me from hundreds of thousands of losses)

-- The secret behind prioritizing your life over your practice (and how this opened up HUGE increases in PRODUCTIVITY for me) - discover the personal rules I use to increase my satisfaction as an entrepreneurial law firm owner and personal happiness

-- How to BUILD SYSTEMS that allow you be home every night and weekend to spend more time engaging in the hobbies you love and being with family!