Center of Influence

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We live in a globalized world where someone can video chat with a company in Asia while flying from New York to Las Vegas in less than 6 hours. Someone can create a post on Facebook and have it viewed by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. With all this connectivity, it is easy to forget about the people that matter the most to your business. The people in your own community.

This is why Great Legal Marketing in collaboration with the Boyk Law Firm have created Center of Influence. Chuck Boyk and Anneke Godlewski have created an implemented an excellent system of community marketing in their firm. Their system is so successful, the local NBC station has requested that they contact them before they do any event or giveaway. As you may imagine, this organic community marketing is invaluable.

The Center of Influence system contains modules, marketing campaigns, instructions, and interviews with Chuck Boyk and Anneke Godlewski that will teach you how to turn your law firm into a pillar of your community. You will learn to connect with the people who matter most, the people who live on your street, go to your schools, and support families in your town.

We back this system with our 100% guarantee and we believe in the practices used by one of our most successful members. If you want to turn your firm into a powerhouse of activity and social buzz, order this system today.