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Dominate Digital is Great Legal Marketing’s system for all things online marketing and SEO. The best part of their systems is that they are built to work, no matter what web provider you use or what practice area you are in.

What you won’t hear in Dominate Digital is how “video is the new wave in social media” or how “parallax scrolling engages your potential clients.”

This is not a program about pumping up fad strategies.

It is what has worked for over a decade and all the real-life tactics used to both incrementally and rapidly grow both the BenGlassLaw website and the websites of countless GLM members.

We have been “in the trenches” on digital marketing for a long time, and we aren’t here to sell you a website or any services.

That is our secret behind the success....

Our only interest is showing you what actually works. There is no hidden agenda of us handling your ad account. Just pure, raw training and education to send your online marketing to its highest potential (and we will teach you what to look for in vendors for your website as well).

Dominate Digital is designed for only law firms. Your law firm isn’t a local bakery or nail salon, and your digital marketing shouldn’t be based on a template made for some other industry.

Just to give you a sample of what you find within:

  • How to know where every client (and every lead) comes from
  • Why your website is under-performing and what you can do to fix it

  • What you should be telling your web developer (and how to understand what they are saying)
  • The small tweaks you can make that will finally make Google ads profitable
  • How to effectively use all media types to create powerful online conversion tools
  • How BenGlassLaw “pre-sells” clients using online video (we signed several cases after potential clients watched a one-hour webinar)
  • The hidden settings in your google ads account that are draining your daily budget
  • How you can track print advertisements with digital tools
  • How to create a content plan and write articles that actually get views
  • Assign a dollar value to your phone calls and predict how we your marketing is working… all with a simple, free tool
  • Everything you need to do to optimize your local business profiles
  • The simple $5-a-day Facebook campaign that converts people who are browsing your website
  • Answers to your big questions about online search and the future of your website
  • How to link all your web content to create a “conversion chain” on your website
  • How to link everything, from book downloads to online chat, and discover how your best leads are finding you

We are offering Dominate Digital at a special price for Great Legal Marketing members. The contents of Dominate Digital aren’t shared outside of our membership, making this the one-and-only online marketing guide based on our core practices and marketing principles that have helped thousands of attorneys make their law firms profitable.

With your purchase of Dominate Digital, you will also receive THREE member-exclusive bonuses, including:

  1. Volume 1 of the Special Collection of Internet Marketing Reports, featuring over 25 editions of the newsletter. (VALUE $997)
  2. Tifiny's "Now This is How You Do Facebook" archived and never-seen-before teaching modules on creating a successful Facebook page, including how to set up your own Facebook advertising campaign. (VALUE $297)
  3. The Little Black Book of Software from Tifiny and Charley, featuring dozens of recommended software programs worth investigating and integrating into your law firm. (VALUE $97)

The best part of Dominate Digital is that it is all you need to know in one complete package. In just one hour, you will learn how to make your current digital marketing programs profitable and save you from the big mistakes many attorneys make.

Dominate Digital is also the very best online marketing teaching tool for your in-house marketing director, who SHOULD fully know and understand the principles we outline here.

Dominate Digital is also a great teaching tool for your in-house marketing director, who SHOULD fully know and understand the principles we outline here.