Invasion of the Market Snatchers

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When you get Invasion of the Market Snatchers, you will discover...

  • A horrific and tragic mistake that doomed a multi-million dollar ad campaign… before the first commercial even launched! (You can avoid such tragedy by heeding this critical warning)  
  • How a smaller movie production house is KILLING the competition - and the immediate upgrade you can make to your marketing mindset by following the CEO’s advice about making movies  
  • The difference between additive and subtractive growth (failure to use both at the same time could cost you tens of thousands is potential profits)  
  • One hidden-in-plain-sight marketing strategy used by Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran to launch her multi-million dollar real estate empire!  
  • Great advice from world-famous comedian Steve Martin about standing out in a crowded, competitive market (turns out “The Jerk” knew a lot about marketing himself and was able to cut through the clutter to fill stadiums with audience members!)  
  • The FOUR-STEP PROCESS every one of your clients goes through to find you - and how to “disrupt” the biggest part of the process so your message is the only one that gets through, totally locking in the attention and loyalty of your prospect  
  • The ███████ power of transforming your information into entertainment. You don’t need a blockbuster movie or comedy special to make your message HYPNOTIC to potential clients… you just need to employ these simple-to-understand methods to change how you deliver the message!  
  • How to race to the #1 place where your clients are congregating (you can find HUGE gains in new clients by targeting this ONE PLACE)  
  • The MENTAL ADVANTAGE available to you right now that may be your greatest asset in beating your competitors…  
  • Sure-fire marketing platforms we run advertisements on - don’t let your marketing get lost in a black hole!