Militant Time Management

Militant Time Management

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Sick of the countless work hours?

Feel like you're working hard, but it seems like nothing gets done?

You're not alone. We advise hundreds of attorneys across the nation who have the exact same problem, which is why we put together this incredible home study program, which includes:

How to spot—and banish—the time vampires who steal your time (and thus your money)

The great Billable Hours Myth – what most attorneys fail to factor in and how it costs them

A fresh new take on how to turn time into money (less than 1 in 99 lawyer know this secret)

How to handle information overload once and for all

The secrets of peak productivity from superstar attorneys

Why you should never multi-task... and what to do instead to maximize your output

How to make more by working less - and be a hero to your family

Boost your productivity and restore your sanity!

Imagine being able to produce double or triple the work you do now—and in half the time. Your practice would take off. Your income would soar. This is what happens when attorneys listen to and implement the proven strategies in Militant Time Management for Lawyers.