Phone Success System

Phone Success System

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Would You Like to...

  • Turn simple inquiries into full-fledged leads (aka Getting Every Lead to share their problem, giving you an opportunity to set an appointment)?
  • Create a special bond with the caller through effective empathy while keeping the conversation moving and displaying professionalism?
  • Ensure that all callers find a solution to their legal problem, not matter what it is, making YOU a legal center of influence in your community?
  • Be able to train new phone answering staff just by giving them a pre-built training system developed by one of America's top phone sales experts?
  • Stop worrying about having more appointments with potential clients set for you?
  • Never lose another lead to a competitor?

Today, by making one simple investment, you can make all of that happen in your law practice. Everything will be taken care of for you with special training system designed exclusively for law firms with the help of Chris Mullins, "The Phone Sales Doctor," who has been responsible for handling the phone scripts for multi-million dollar firms along with hundreds of solo and small firms. Great Legal Marketing has teamed up with Chris to bring a universally useful system - deploy it in ANY small law firm, and it will work. GUARANTEED! (Seriously, it's guaranteed for a full year. If you use it, and it doesn't work, send it back for a full refund. That's our guarantee. 365 days!)

The Phone Success System is ESSENTIAL to any law firm. I cannot possibly over state that fact. You are losing money without a dedicated and proven system for answering phones. Our Phone Success System is the answer to your phone woes.

Here is what you are getting when you order TODAY...

  • Instant Implementation Phone Scripts - Get your team started IMMEDIATELY using the elements of the Phone Success System by handing them these easy-to-reference materials. Not only do they help with training, they also make it easy for any team member to "self-assess" their phone calls.
  • Phone Success System Training - Every step of the script has a training component to go with it. Phone Sales Doctor Chris Mullins makes every part of the script make sense and teaches your team members specific tricks to getting each step just right, so every part of the phone call has the most impact in Turning Callers into Clients.
  • "The WORKbook" - Follow along with every CD thanks to the transcripts we have included! There's room for notes, so you can add in specific-to-your-office pieces (should you choose, though the system is designed to work anywhere, right away!). Plus, ensure compliance with the training through the quick certification check and self-critique. There's even a phone tracking log sample that you can use in your office. This is essential info for your team members.
  • Employee Fast Start - You'll know this as "how to get my team to buy into this program" part of the Phone Success System. Great Legal Marketing's Charley Mann guides your team members through the WHY of using this system and how they should approach it. This is the missing key to success for all other options out there.
  • Chris Mullins Live! - See Chris talk about how Intakes operate at the Great Legal Marketing Summit through this special DVD. In just 20 minutes, you'll uncover additional tips and tricks to boost your caller conversions even higher
  • Ben Glass + Chris Mullins on Making the Most of Every Ring - Ben interviews Chris on the truth about answering the phones. This audio CD is a must-listen for you, the attorney. Here's the REAL SECRET to this item...Listen to it every 6 months to reinvigorate your commitment to fixing the phones! We want you to have this bonus so that you always have your eye on the prize, because we want to make sure you will get the maximum impact from your investment.

YES! I want Great Legal Marketing to Handle The Training of My Phone Answering Team Members For Me!